Relationship Issues

There are a variety of conflicts that can arise in the context of our relationships. Whether you are experiencing a conflict at work or at home I can help with a variety of relationship issues. It can be an easy alternative to blame others or blame ourselves for the problems we encounter in relationships. It can be very difficult if not impossible to sort out where the balance lies alone. Accepting that we are too much to blame puts us in a position where our needs cannot be met, but so does placing too much blame on others. The problem deepens because there are benefits to assuming either position.The relationships we have and our positions in them have profound influence over both the emotional and the physical support we have in life, as well as our own self-esteem and mental health. Talk therapy is very effective at helping to make sense of the conditions that arise in our relationships.

It is very important to not self-diagnosis relationship issues.  With so much information available to us on the Internet today this can be tempting, but relationship issues can have very real effects on your function and needs the attention of a mental health professional.

Because of the wide variety of reasons that can cause us to experience relationship issues feel free to call me to discuss further. I am experienced and trained in a variety of treatment and assessment methods for a variety of reasons that you might be experiencing relationship issues.  Contact a licensed mental health professional or your family doctor if you have concerns. Prairie Owl Psychology & Counselling is waiting to help with all your Edmonton psychologist needs, call Today.