Physician Stress

Burnout is primarily conceptualized as long-term emotional exhaustion and decreased idealization. Physicians are at particularly high risk to experience burnout and/or burnout symptoms. Normal occupational stress is unavoidable and is considered adaptive under some circumstances. Healthy levels of stress help provide motivation to get things done, such as meeting deadlines or providing optimum performance at work. Often burnout symptoms occur from multiple smaller events that and are not always created by a single large identifiable stressor.

The stress response is a way that the body stays alert and energized in emergencies and can save our lives. For example, it can provide that heightened alertness necessary to prevent a collision on the road. The issue is that there are many situations in modern life that create the same physiological response, but there is no physical danger.  For example, working with a high conflict client can create a “fight or flight” response, but is not a life or death situation.

Chronic unresolved stress begins to affect many aspects of life including the way we think, feel, our physical bodies, and the way we behave. These changes can damage health, productivity, and relationships.

Talk therapy is very effective at treating a variety of teacher stress issues. Because of the wide variety of reasons that can cause us to feel stressed and the complexities and subtleties of professional diagnosis and treatment, feel free to call me to discuss further. I am experienced and trained in a variety of treatment and assessment methods for a variety of reasons that you might be experiencing stress/burnout. Contact a licensed mental health professional or your family doctor if you have concerns about chronic stress. Prairie Owl Psychology & Counselling is waiting to help with all your Edmonton psychologist needs, call Today.  Looking for a psychologist Edmonton, think Prairie Owl Psychology & Counselling. Edmonton psychologists are ready to help with all your counselling Edmonton needs.