Eating Disorders

Both anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa vary in severity over time and many people with anorexia nervosa will often develop symptoms of bulimia nervous. This makes it difficult to determine if eating disorders should be thought of as discrete entities. Even after much research it remains unclear if the criterion reflects distinct differences in disorders. The treatment for anorexia nervosa is understudied, but about half of people recover with a good outcome, a quarter have an intermediate outcome, and a quarter have a poor outcome. The measure of good outcome is that the sufferer is eating enough to restore weight, but it is important of to be flexible.

I have an interest in the ultimate underlying goal of the sufferer and creating conditions to safely explore ambivalence. At present the treatment and management of anorexia cannot be based on as good of research evidence as would desirable. However, there are treatments that can help. These range from talk therapy to requiring multi-disciplinary inpatient hospital treatment.
I have experience working with people suffering from eating disorders. Treatment options and length vary as personal goals and the causes vary. I draw from multiple evidenced based treatment techniques to create a mufti-dimensioned plan that fits your goals. I am aware of the special challenges that different social, occupational, family, and cultural contexts can bring.
It is very important to not self-diagnosis eating disorders or any other psychiatric disorder.  With so much information available to us on the Internet today this can be tempting, but eating disorders can have very real effects on your function, can be life threatening, and needs the attention of a mental health professional.

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