Dialectical Behavioral

Marsha Linehan developed DBT in the early 1990’s for the treatment of people with borderline personality disorder (BPD), with a focus on preventing parasuicidal, suicidal, and self-injurious behaviors.  DBT includes many CBT strategies, but also extends these strategies by including an acceptance-based philosophy that encourages consideration for the context of the dialectics.  The concept of acceptance-based stems from Zen Buddhist practices and dialectics refers to a worldview that emphasizes the interrelatedness and gestalt of reality.  By synthesizing these dialectics, a new reality can be developed and understood.  In this way DBT theory addresses pathology from a systems perspective that considers reality as paradoxical and in a constant state of change and transition.  A fundamental dialectic in DBT is the necessity to maintain a balance between promoting change and acceptance.  Acceptance of the current reality is viewed as necessary for change and in fact a change in itself.  Other dialectics in DBT include the balance between problem solving and validation, control and freedom, rationality and intuition, logic and paradox, and experiment and experience.

It is very important to not self-diagnosis.  With so much information available to us on the Internet today this can be tempting, but the attention of a mental health professional may add clarity to your experience. Talk therapy is very effective at working with a variety of issues. 

Because of the wide variety of reactions, and the complexities and subtleties of professional diagnosis and treatment, feel free to call me to discuss further. I am experienced and trained in a variety of treatment and assessment methods including DBT.  Contact a licensed mental health professional or your family doctor if you have concerns. Prairie Owl Psychology & Counselling is waiting to help with all your Edmonton psychologist needs, call Today.  Looking for a psychologist Edmonton, think Prairie Owl Psychology & Counselling. Edmonton psychologists are ready to help with all your counselling Edmonton needs.